American Roulette

Many are of the opinion that Roulette was first introduced in the United States of America by the Frenchmen who arrived and settled in New Orleans in the nineteenth century. Like in Europe, roulette became immensely popular in America during the 1800's and casino owners decided to add an extra 'zero' on the roulette wheel with a view to provide some advantage to the house. Thus, American roulette was born and today it is as popular at the Las Vegas and Monte Carlo casinos as it is on the Internet.

Double Zero

Today with the additional 'zero', American roulette has become a game of 37 slots and realizing the amount of profit that the game could bring, casino owners in America added another 'double zero' on the roulette increasing the odds from 1-out-of-36 to 1-out-of-38. Thus, the game of American roulette has the numbers 'zero' and 'double zero' on the same roulette wheel. This further improved the odds in favor of the casino owners and is one reason why many gamers prefer European roulette to American roulette.

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Apart from this basic variation, American roulette is a copy of the European version. The American roulette wheel has 38 slots with numbers from 0-36 and an additional '00'. While the 36 numbers are alternatively painted in black and red, the 'zero' and 'double 'zero' are colored green. The wheel is spun in one direction by a croupier and a little ball is thrown into the wheel to move in the opposite direction. The aim of the game is to predict on which slot or number the ball will settle after the wheel has come to a halt. The player who guesses and bets on the right number or slot wins the game.

Placing Bets

There are various options for a player to place bets in American roulette bets can be placed on single numbers, group of numbers or even the colors. The minimum bet that a player can place in American roulette is $1, while $500 is the table limit. The money a player wins in roulette is dependent on how much bet he has placed and what he has placed the bet on. Basically, there are two categories of bet in roulette inside bets and outside bets.

In inside bets, you place you can bet on single numbers and small group of numbers up to six. In this case, the bets are placed in the inner periphery of the roulette table. On the other hand, outside bets, placed on the outer ring of the roulette table enables a player to bet on large groups of numbers 12 or 18. Among the two, inside bets offers the highest payouts to any roulette player.

While playing roulette it is important that you the differences between the two popular versions of the game. Though both American roulette and its European version are similar in nature, there are some differences as far as the rules and payouts are concerned. While the color of the chips is a major difference, dissimilarity between the two also exist in the nature of swiping the chips. While in European roulette the dealer uses a stick to swipe away chips, in America roulette they use their hands to perform the same task. All said and done, roulette of both kinds is a game of chance that is fun and also a great way to win big money.