American Roulette History

Roulette is a popular game that has survived generations and is today featured in several different popular versions at the best online casinos. This is a game that is based on pure luck and is played in many different places around the world.

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Origins of American Roulette

It is difficult to place the exact origins of American Roulette however the roots of the first roulette wheel are believed to lie in France. It is commonly believed that Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician invented the first early roulette wheel in the 17th century. Stories and history suggest that the roulette game was brought into New Orleans in the United States by French people in the 19th century. It appears that this game became popular throughout Europe and in the U.S. during the 1800s.

How the Form of American Roulette Originated

Once the popularity of the roulette game became more apparent, casino owners added a zero to the wheel as a separate slot. This was done with the intention of increasing the casino house odds. This type of wheel became known as European Roulette. In the U.S. casino owners, noting the potential for more income, decided to build on a good thing and added yet another section, that of the double zero. On the first types of American Roulette wheel, the additional section contained a picture of an American eagle in place of the double zero, which followed in later versions.

American Roulette Basics

American Roulette is a game of chance in which bets are placed on the predicted landing place of a small ball inside the spinning roulette wheel. American Roulette hosts a spinning wheel with thirty eight separate compartments. The slots in an American Roulette wheel are numbered from one to thirty six and there is also a compartment featuring a zero and a double zero. The slots hosting the zeros are colored in green while the other sections are colored black and red alternatively. Different bets can be made by choosing a number, color or even a combination of numbers.

Online American Roulette History

The mid 1990s saw the launch of online casinos via the Internet. Together with other top casino games, American Roulette was also introduced as an online form of entertainment at this time. Although the game of American Roulette was not originally intended to be played via a computer, it has proved to be successful online. Today this online attraction may be sampled as one of the free games available at the online casinos. Playing American Roulette in this way enables a gamer to learn the rules and adjust to the game online. The free games option also allows players to enjoy American Roulette purely for pleasure and good entertainment.

Although the online form of this game does not have a very long history, the real roots of American Roulette appear to have been planted a long time ago in France. It seems that the seeds for this exciting and popular game were sewn hundreds of years ago and it does appear that the game is here to stay.