Oddsmaker.com Sportsbook


If you want the security sense that comes with knowing you are in business with the best, then the OddsMaker sportsbook is definitely for you. The name is well deserved, because this website is consistently able to come up with the best odds that you are ever likely to see anywhere on the internet. This makes them very popular to both old players and new alike and therefore they are able to parlay that popularity into bigger and better things for their clients.

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OddsMaker Accepts US Players

Players from the United States are able to play online at the oddsmaker.com sportsbook as long as they are from one of the 39 states that has not placed a ban on online gambling. If they are from any of the other 11, they will not be allowed to bet.

OddsMaker Betting Lines

The major sport at oddsmaker.com is football, with them offering proposition bets on college level and NFL football. These lines can go anywhere from props on the bowl events all the way to interesting props like a team finishing a season with a certain record. Of course, conventional money line and point spread betting is also available and in addition to football, oddsmaker.com is also involved in the business of providing bets for basketball, hockey, soccer, NASCAR, tennis, golf, mixed martial arts, boxing, entertainment, baseball and other specialty bets such as the event-specific bets of large international events like the Euro 2008 event.

OddsMaker Bonuses

What makes oddsmaker.com so good is the fact that they have a number of different bonuses and promotions going on. In fact, if you participate in all of the deposit bonuses and promotions that they oddsmaker.com sportsbook has going on at the moment, you are going to be able to get a large 45% deposit bonus on multiple deposits and in addition to that have a shot at winning $100,000 in their parlay challenge. 45% may not seem like a large deposit bonus to the people that regularly play online casinos or poker, but in the sportsbook world that is most definitely a large deposit bonus.

OddsMaker Website Use

The use of the website at oddsmaker.com is quite easy to do and in fact there are very few other websites in the industry where information flows as easily as it does at oddsmaker.com. You not only get access to their betting selections, but you also receive information about betting trends within the overall market as well as historical betting odds that you can use to try and establish a trend of some kind. All of this is easily available on their website and if you are totally lost at the beginning, you can use their video tutorial to help find your way around.

OddsMaker Support

The support available on the oddsmaker.com website comes primarily in the form of one of the most comprehensive and extensive FAQ documents available online for any online gambling website. If that FAQ does not help (and in most cases it will help if you search it properly), there is also a live chat feature that you can use to get additional support beyond that which the FAQ provides.