Best Race and Sports Books in Vegas

Las Vegas has the best overall collection of casinos in the world. No matter what your taste, you will find it on the strip, downtown or anywhere around Vegas.

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The best casino in Las Vegas debate will rage constantly. There are so many good ones that it s difficult to get a grasp on the best. The Bellagio might be the most well rounded of all, however. Whenever you start to rank the hotels, the Bellagio is at the top of almost every category. Included in that discussion is the best race and sports book.

To be the best casino in Las Vegas, you have to have a lot of things. A first-rate race and sports book is among the requirements.

Here are the Super Seven race and sports books in Las Vegas, and how they fit with the best casinos in Las Vegas in general:

1) Bellagio. It has the best poker room, and it also has the best race and sports book. Wide open, comfortable, posh with huge leather chairs and a country club feel. This is simply the best set up in Vegas.

2) Las Vegas Hilton. This place is a monster, with 30,000 square feet. They call it the “Superbook” with 60 screens and over 300 seats. When you think of a race and sports book, this is what pops into your head.

3) MGM Grand. There is a flaw in the design in that the rows are too close together on one end, but the overall design is very nice, and it is easy to watch any sport event. It is pretty cozy compared to the top 10.

4) The Wynn. Like everything else with the Wynn, the Race and Sports book is luxurious and first class, and you almost feel out of place walking in with a racing form under your arm. This is a high rollers casino start to finish.

5) Bally's. Small, but exactly what an old school race and sports book should be. It won't overwhelm you, but if you want a place to just sit and watch sports or watch the races and feel comfortable, this is it.

6) Treasure Island. This is a bit of a surprise because it's not that big, but they run a very nice book. It's clean, efficient and there isn't a bad seat in the house.

7) The Orleans. Another old-school style setup, the race and sports book is another place where you will feel comfortable with a racing form under your arm.

The best casino in Las Vegas is probably the Bellagio. It has the best poker room and the best race book along with lots of other high class gaming. However, some of the others listed above also have very nice race and sports books, which are the cornerstone of any successful casino. It is hard to saw who has the best casino in Las Vegas. But the Bellagio will always come up in that discussion.