BetUS Sportsbook


For players that are from the United States, BetUS is a breath of fresh air in an absolute sea of smog. The sportsbook is extremely kind to players from the US that are distrusted at most online casinos and because of this US players tend to view the casino as being very good. Make no mistake however, that is not the only factor that comes into the high opinions that players hold of BetUS; a high quality of service, good website support and of course great selection of propositions are also things that enter into the great rating that BetUS gets from many of the other places around.

BetUS Accepts US Players

Players from the United States are quite free to play at BetUS, so long as they are not from one of the states where online gambling has been banned. There are eleven such states.

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BetUS Betting Lines

One of the things that is so great about BetUS is that they have a lot of events running at once so that you can get a lot of choice in how you bet. For example, at the time of this article being written, there are over 250 different events available to bet on BetUS sportsbook at the exact same time! These bets are spread out amongst football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer and other sports and they do not even include future bets that are going to become available on the website quite shortly. In addition to this great availability, there is also live betting on some events at the BetUS sportsbook and that live betting helps people greatly who want additional action all the time.

BetUS Bonus

The BetUS bonus is worth 50% of your deposit and you must call in to their hotline in order for your account to get credited. That percentage is quite impressive for a sportsbook and is perhaps another reason why many first time players end up using the BetUS sportsbook as their first (and always extremely positive) exposure to the world of online sports betting.

BetUS Website

The website layout of the BetUS sportsbook is plain and to the point; something that everyone can enjoy. The layout is specifically designed to allow you to get in, take a look at what is available for betting, place your bet and then leave. There is a lot of extra form guide information that you can use in order to make your bet, but at the same time the website is not designed to be your primary source of information. The flip side of this compromise is that processing speeds are extremely fast on BetUS so if you happen to be an action junkie, you are absolutely going to love what the website has to offer.

BetUS Support

The FAQ documents should be the first thing you consult when you have problems at BetUS, but if they do not work then there are a number of different avenues you have available to you. You can get customer service and technical support through email. If you do not want to converse over e-mail you can call their hotline at 1-800-973-6659.