Playtech is a gaming software company which was started in the year 1999 and is incorporated in British Virgin Islands. Playtech's core area of activity is in providing software for online casinos, online bingo games and online poker. There are also arcade games in their product line and all software supplied by Playtech is accredited by BMM International.

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Playtech provides software to i-Poker, which is actually a network of poker rooms. Though the software is the same, every poker room has its own unique identity both in terms of looks and playing experience. Like online poker, Bingo games too are similarly networked. But there are also stand alone play sites. Sites like Golden Palace and Bet Fred come under this category. But most sites have certain shared facilities, like jackpots, games and chat.

Playtech games can be played in real-time and has fraud detection features incorporated in it. With intense competition, in the gaming scenario, Playtech has included certain player retention tools in its software. Playtech's advantage in casino games is mainly due to the availability of large number of games made available in a casino, which are as high as sixty. Not contented with these features, Playtech has included live human dealers with interactive facilities. Playtech has not only a large number of 3 reel slot and 5 reel slot games, but also table games each providing a unique playing experience. Playtech also has mobile gaming facility which permits a user to play using his or her mobile. There are also land based kiosk systems where one can play using a pre-paid card system. There are also captivating games using 3D graphics brought out by Video bet a subsidiary of Playtech primarily with the objective of increasing player loyalty. Like all other products of Playtech it is fully compatible with all leading OEM devices.

Playtech software's attractiveness lies in its adaptability. You can either totally convert to a Playtech software without any loss of database information or you can have it integrated to your existing software without any incompatibility. Playtech's software solutions are customer focused. Operators can either opt for licensing of software, where the can independently over see day to day operations, or settle for Playtech's affiliated third party providers. In such cases certain functions like hardware, maintenance or even hosting can be outsourced. These arrangements are flexible which can be modified to future requirements or changed situations.

Realizing that trust is the most important factor in gaming Playtech has got the certification of ABB which is the trade association of bookmakers in Great Britain. The aim of the association is to ensure the compliance of Social responsibility and good practices code in licensed betting and adoption of the code of good practices code for fixed odds betting terminals. This has paid a rich dividend which is obvious when you look at their customer list which includes casinos like Golden Palace, Maxima Casino, Grosvenor Casino Ritz Club Online Casino Tropez, Europa Casino, WindowsCasino and Prestige Casino.