Future Bet

Future Bet is a provider of customized internet gaming operators software, be they corporations or entrepreneurs. Though their main products are casino and sports wagering, they also provide software solutions for fantasy leagues and skill game wagering.

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The front-end of Future Bet casino modules are built using Macromedia Flash, while the backend operations are supported by Java technologies. To ensure system integrity the software is reviewed by an independent body like Technical Systems Testing Inc. which is a global accreditation company. The products are made with two target audiences in mind, namely the player and the operator. While the game content is developed with the players requirements in mind, the features and tools are aimed at the operator's interests.

To meet the player's requirements the software contains the following features:

1. Multi player function
2. Progressive jackpots and bonus
3. One step login; which means whether the player wants to access casino games, sports book or other Future bet programs, the log in information would be the same.
4. Play for fun
To cater to the operator's interests, the following features are incorporated:
1. Customization, this is probably is most important from the operator's point of view, because his major concern would always be how to make his games look different from that of his competitors. Changes are confined not merely to the graphic part of the software, but also to the rules of the game, the payout and bonus considerations.
2. Flexible tournaments like Black Jack, Poker and Slots, all with the intention of attracting players.
3. Player tracking system which is intended to monitor the progress of various marketing campaigns on the player.

What makes Future Bet different from other gaming software providers is the incorporation of other betting facilities. For example a player may bet on any major sporting event be it football, cricket, boxing car racing or anything similar using sports book systems. This is not all, you may bet on non-sporting events too, like stock market, elections, or even the weather. There are a variety of wagering options too. There is also another unique feature called “Fantasy Smackdown Sports” or Fantasy League.” Though this is an ideal complement to the Sportsbook, it is different from other fantasy leagues, in the sense, that it offers only season long prizes. All the four major North American sports like NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL are featured in this.

Future Bet also has skill game wagering and as an internet first - Trivia wagering. To cater to the needs of the operator, there are also third party affiliates. This is a network of third party providers who can provide the gaming operators a number of backup services like maintenance, player support, e-commerce and advertising.

Future Bet unlike other gaming software providers is unique, in the sense it is the most comprehensive betting software in terms of its area of application. With limitless options on which betting can be done, this is a software with limitless possibilities.