How to Play Baccarat

The popular casino game of Baccarat is believed to be older than Blackjack and to have been in existence for hundred of years. This game, with its simple aim, is considered by many to be the easiest out of all the casino table games. This article discusses the basic details of the Baccarat game. As is the case with other casino games, it is recommended to gain an understanding of the Baccarat rules before beginning to play. Once a player has a complete insight into the game, it becomes a more enjoyable experience.

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What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is a card game that is based primarily on chance. Once the betting element has been understood, this is a simple game to learn and play. The game of Baccarat is played between the gamer and the banker.

Baccarat Basics

The game of Baccarat is played with a deck of 52 cards. The main aim of this game is to guess whether the hand of the player or banker will finish closer to the value of nine. There are three types of possible bets in this game. Bets at Baccarat may be placed on the player's hand, banker's hand or on the eventuality of a tie.

Understanding Baccarat Bets

When a player predicts correctly, winnings will be paid out in the amount according to double the original bet. A winning bet that was placed on a tie will earn 8 times the amount of the bet. It should be noted that when a wining bet is placed on the banker's hand, a small commission fee will be deducted from the winnings paid out. In the event of a tie that was not predicted, the bet will be returned to the player. When betting on a losing hand, the bet is lost.

In the game of Baccarat the value of a ten card and the royal face cards is equal to zero. It should also be pointed out that an Ace card has the value of one in this game.

Basic Baccarat Instructions

The first step in the Baccarat online game is to select the betting amount. This is done by choosing the chip selector (+) or decrease (-) in order to settle on the chosen amount. The player then needs to decide on which hand to place the bet. At this point, the banker, player or tie button may be selected. Cards are then dealt. Any winnings from the game will be paid out in accordance with the payout schedule.

Free Baccarat Games

There are some people that use the free baccarat games available at the best online casinos as a learning tool. This is an excellent way to learn how to play Baccarat. After a couple of free games, a beginner to the Baccarat game can grasp an overview of the betting rules and acquire a general idea of the game. Once this has been achieved the novice Baccarat player may move on with confidence to play the game for real money.