Playtech casinos feature many impressive features. Besides for the simple fact that they have approximately ninety games to choose from, they have a large variety of types of games, as well. Not only do they feature all of the classic card games and table games, they also feature many slot machines, video games and progressive games, among others. They offer a unique blackjack variation called blackjack switch which is a must-play for any blackjack fan.

One of their most exciting features is their live gaming. They utilize video streaming technology which allows players to watch the dealer dealing cards, throwing dice or spinning the roulette wheel. Players are also able to chat to the dealer one on one. Players are even able to tip the dealer in live gaming. (Read More)

Progressive casino games produce a great form of exciting entertainment. These are for players who enjoy gaming and want to play big time with the chance of winning real money large jackpot prizes. To put the matter in a nutshell, or into a pot of gold, the progressive games offer the opportunity of large payouts at constantly increasing jackpots. (Read More)
The Viper release was introduced in January 2004 and this is the software suite that Microgaming is currently using. It is the result of years of improvements and upgrading by Microgaming ? since its establishment in 1994. Microgaming believes that the Viper software is the perfect solution for today's gambler's requirements and desires. (Read More)
Online gambling is generally a term used to refer to any gambling activity that takes place on the Internet. As one can guess from the name, this form of gambling was non-existent until the arrival of the Internet. Online gambling itself is a vast subject. We can divide it into different types of gambling for our convenience. The basic forms of online gambling are online poker, online casinos, online sports betting, online bingo, and mobile gambling. Though there could be other forms of online gambling available nowadays, the above-mentioned types are the most commonly seen. (Read More)
USA gaming is once again under the spotlight due to an increased demand for new things to do. In the world that we live it, it is sometimes hard to decide what to do next. There is nothing worse than having too much choice and that is why we are very spoilt. Things are changing so fast that it is hard to keep up with the newest and latest trends. (Read More)

If different players are asked which their best casino game is, they will come up with different answers. Some like the allure of slots while others like the glitz of roulette. To me the best casino game is beyond doubt blackjack.

There are several reasons why I think blackjack is the best casino game. First of all it has a pedigree. Evolving from a host of different games it came on to its own in the 1700s. Then it was polished in land casinos all over the world before taking online gaming by storm. When you play blackjack you are playing a game that not only has a history and a heritage but also one that has an exciting future. (Read More)

Not many have thought about the idea of earning a living from online casinos, just like from any other job. But, believe me, it is very much possible, provided you, the player, is well equipped in terms of mindset, strategies of betting and calculation, and is rich in gaming experience. Also, one should be prepared to face the losses that could incur at anytime for online casinos are associated with a constant element of risk always. (Read More)
It was a Quaker women?s idea, and it was called, "The Landlord? game". When Lizzie Maggie, created the game she had no idea of the roaring success it was bound to be. Her idea was simply to demonstrate the reality of rental properties, enriched landlords and impoverished tenants. (Read More)
I've been on-line gaming, or should I say, " online Microgaming " for the past decade. When I first started, Microgaming was pretty much the only online casino gaming software available. Playtech , took a close second when they introduced their first online games in 1999. Nowadays, with a vast number of online casinos to choose from, I stick with Playtech casinos or casinos running microgaming system software. It's not because I'm sentimental , or anything like that. It?s because like any smart gambler, I like it when the odds are in my favor. Micrograming casinos are a sure thing - sure to deliver the best graphics, sure to supply the most exciting and widest variety of games, sure to introduce a new game just when you?re getting tired of your current favorite, and sure to beat any other platform when it comes to high microgaming casino bonuses. Did I mention reliable games and dependable payouts? Well, that just goes without saying. After all, what?s the point of playing if you can?t collect what you?ve won. (Read More)