Bonuses are a major reason for online gaming. There is no online casino that does not offer bonuses. But Microgaming bonuses are the best in the business.

The most popular of the Microgaming bonuses are the welcome bonuses. These are also known as first deposit bonuses and operate as follows. Whenever a new customer makes his first deposit the casino offers to add a corresponding amount to his account. This amount usually ranges from 100% to 400% of the player?s deposit. There are some limitations to the welcome Microgaming bonuses. There is a minimum deposit the player must make in order to be eligible for the bonus. Also there is an upper limit on the bonus. Another of the Microgaming bonuses is the "refer a friend" bonus. The player gets a bonus for every friend he refers to the Microgaming casino. (Read More)

Not everyone likes to download their microgaming casino software. For sure, downloading usually means a more complete version of the casino and for the best microgaming casino it might be a must to simply download. What many find as a great solution is the instant microgaming Flash casinos. A Flash version of a casino has many good points to it that certainly do justice to the well reputed microgaming software. (Read More)
Microgaming Software Systems Ltd is among the leaders of the online gaming software providers. Its software package is used in many of the best online casinos and after using their systems, it is self-evident why that is so. It boasts a high level of functionality that is easy for both the expert and novice player to use. Its gaming interface is simple and clear to navigate. Its graphics and sound quality are very impressive, lending to the realistic feel of using one of Microgaming's online casinos. (Read More)
Las Vegas is the "fatherland" of all gambling and it is interesting to find out how this place turned out to be literally the Gambling Capital of the world. Going way back into history, you will find that this place was discovered by a Spanish wagon train by mistake. It so happened that this Spanish people had lost their way and they were looking for water. In their desperation to find water they wandered around and stumbled upon a spring here. At that time the place was a modest valley and with the spring it became a good place for starting a settlement. Trade flourished in this region from then onwards though it had nothing to do with gambling and casinos until a long time later.

The Las Vegas Valley was in fact not very popular as it was situated in a swamp area and as the name would indicate (swampy areas) there were many health issues associated with the region. (Read More)

Microgaming online casinos are among the best in the world. Microgaming boasts over 100 casinos on their website. Some of the well-known casino operators that use Microgaming software systems are Carmen Media Group, Fairground Gaming, Fortune Lounge Group, Golden Star Lounge, Ladbrokes, Vegas Partner Lounge and 32Red. (Read More)
USA casino operates at www.usacasino.com. It is said to be the most authentic US online casino available and is thus very popular with US gamblers. It is however, also available to other players from around the world and it accepts US dollars, British pounds and euros. The site provides games such as the all-time favorites of USA blackjack, craps, USA slot machines, USA poker, roulette, baccarat and jackpots, as well as some less well-known games such as Wall Street Fever and Desert Treasure. In fact, there are over 70 casino games available on the site. They include card games, table games, progressive games, live games, arcade games, video poker games, bonus games, multi-line slots, single-line slots and video slots. It also provides casino tips and gaming guides for these games. There is also information on the site with the latest events and news. (Read More)
Online gamblers prefer online casinos to land based casinos mainly due to the tremendous convenience. In the past few years the gap between the two types of casinos has closed so much that not only are all the land based games available online, but new games have sprung up as well. (Read More)
Online casinos have revolutionized the way people gamble. An online casino, also referred to as internet casino, provides excitement of playing gambling games from the comforts of your home. A plethora of online casino games are now made available on the web, which in turn beat any type of land-based casino games. For instance, if you opt for to play slot machines, there are certain online casinos that allow you to choose from more than 60 types of slots to play, such as, Easter and Christmas slots, magical mystery slots, and Hawaiian Holiday slots. In short, depending upon the tastes and preferences of players, a variety of online casino games are available. Mentioned further in this article are some of the top online casino game choices that are available in an online casino. (Read More)
At the outset it is essential to understand why it is important to invest time and effort in selecting an online casino that works for you. Why can you not simply start playing at any online casino and then switch to another one if you find that the casino does not meet your needs. There are two important reasons for carefully selecting an online casino. Once you deposit funds in the casino you have to meet minimum wagering requirements before you can withdraw the winnings. That means you will have to play in an online casino you do not like till you have complied with the conditions or you will have to forgo your money. The other reason is that online casinos reward loyalty. If you have played at an online casino for some time you start getting the benefits in terms of loyalty points and other promotions. When you switch to another casino you start from scratch. (Read More)