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A Closer Look At 101 Bally Slots

Let’s face it: slot machine games are a dime a dozen nowadays, and it can be quite a challenge to pore through all of the current slot machine offerings out there in search for one that will be worth your time and effort–not to mention your hard earned money. With the release of 101 Bally Slots however, comes a contender to the slot machine games arena that aims to provide a challenge to the new slot machine games out there. But does it actually deliver? Let’s take a closer look!

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Unfortunately, 101 Bally Slots is a little disappointing right off the bat in this regard. For starters, the game will not run without the CD in the drive, whether you choose the base or full install option. In addition, the latter installation method also requires a whopping 550 MB of hard disk space to install. Now granted, that is not really that much in this age of cheap hard drives, but the fact that this slot machine game will only run with the CD in the drive is still more than a little bit frustrating nonetheless.

There is another further frustration as well. There is no way of knowing where on your hard drive the game is being installed to during the installation process. You will have to hunt around in your hard drive after the game is installed in order to find the “Masque” directory. Sure you can move this folder afterwards if you wanted to but including the option to choose the installation path would have made things much easier.

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Graphics and Sound

Here is where 101 Bally Slots starts to redeem itself. The graphics of the game are fairly simple but they are more than adequate for the job at hand. The game has a number of representations of real slot machine games–some of which come with rolling jackpot counters–and the depictions are in most cases absolutely dead on.

This slot machine game offers users the choice of a few graphical modes. It can play either full screen or windowed, but you only have 640x480, 800x600, or 1024x768 screen resolutions to choose from. This is a bit unfortunate as the slot machine games are bigger than the screen, so you can’t see the whole machine at once even with the widest zoom and highest screen resolution.

One other disappointment is in the included sound effects of 101 Bally Slots, which is limited to only a few bell and whistle–literally–sounds. The sound effects are actually pretty much the same for almost every slot machine game. The bonus games feature does include some additional sound effects, but since it may take a while before you can reach the bonus rounds, you will have to endure the basic sound effects for a while first. Thankfully an option to turn off the sound effects individually is included in the preferences menu.


101 Bally Slots offers you a wide range of the standard slot machine games as well as a selection of nine-line slot machine games. The latter games offer far more betting options and are really what redeems this game in the end.