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Understanding Slot Payouts

Those who play casino slots should understand two aspects of slots machines. One is the average slot payout ratio and the other is the slots payout table. Both these relate to a given type of machine. The same model of the slot machine from the same slot machine manufacturer should have the same average slot payout ratio and the same slots payout table.

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The average slots payout ratio is a percent figure, like 94%. This means that over the long run for every $100 wagered the slot machine will return $94. The average slots payout ratio is always less than 100%. This is because the slots casinos have to pay for the costs incurred by them and have to provide for a return to their stakeholders. Some casino slots players will get a return of more than 100% while others will get low returns. Some slot machines have an average slot payout ratio that is higher than others. Such slot machines are known as loose slots because they offer greater chances of winning. The ones that have lower slots payout ratios are known as tight slots. Generally within a slots casino the payout ratios of the slots machines are almost identical. There usually is a variation across casinos, but then slots casinos that offer loose slots machines may be economizing elsewhere, such as on slots bonus. Land based slots casinos offer tighter slots games compared to online slots casinos. One reason is that online slots casinos have lower costs and usually pass on this benefit to the players.

Whereas the slot payout ratio defines the long-term behavior of the slot machine the slot payout table indicates how much slot money will be paid out in each game. Consider a three-reel game with each slot reel having 20 stops. If each stop has a different symbol then there will be 8,000 different combinations. But in a slot machine all symbols on a slot reel are not different. Some occur very frequently, some less frequently and one symbol appears only once. Therefore there will be considerably less than 8,000 combinations on the considered slot machine. Some combinations occur very frequently and do not appear on the slot payout table. No slot money is won if these combinations appear in the payline. Other combinations occur slightly less frequently. The payout table shows a small payout for these combinations, maybe some hundred times the slot coin wagered. Yet other combinations occur infrequently. The payout table shows a large payout for these combinations, usually some thousand times the slot coin wagered. And one combination occurs only once and this gives the slots jackpot. An important slot tip needs to be understood by those who play casino slots in this context. Some slot machines have a large number of combinations that occur somewhat frequently but have low slot payouts. If you play casino slots with these machines you are likely to end up winning small amounts. Other slot machines have more combinations that occur somewhat infrequently but have very large payouts. If you play casino slots with these machines you will rarely win but when you do it will be a life-changing amount.