How to Play Backgammon

Backgammon is an online casino game that is very easy to play as its rules are easy to grasp and apply. It is also very entertaining for which it has become a hot favorite for many people across the globe. Before you go on and learn about the rules of the backgammon game, you need to know about the objective of the game, i.e. you need to clear the board of all your pieces. This elimination process is known as 'bearing off' the pieces. The player who succeeds in bearing off all his or her pieces wins the game.

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The Rules of Backgammon

Before the pieces are eliminated these need to be brought to the center of the board or home. This is done with the help of the following rules:


Starting the game

Backgammon game is played with two players. Each backgammon player takes one of the two dices used in the game and rolls it. The player who gets the higher number gets to make the first move. From then on, both the dices would be used.


Reading the dice

when you roll the dice, you get two numbers. You could move the pieces according to the total of the numbers shown by the dice or you could move two pieces according to separate numbers. The rule here would be that both the pieces should be movable for that number right at the beginning; and not after you moves one piece.


When the dice rolls doubles

when you get doubles of any number you are allowed to play those two numbers twice. For example, you got double three you get to move your pieces for three spaces four times.


What happens when the numbers got exceed the spaces available

you miss a turn when this happens? However, before you let it pass, try carefully and see whether you could use any number at all. If only number could be used and both the higher and the lower are playable, you have to play the higher of the numbers.


Movement of the checker

you cannot move a checker unless there no opposing checkers that can occupy the same space.

As you can see the backgammon game rules are simple and easy to follow. Before you play professionally you run a few rounds on trial until you understand how the game develops. How do you move the pieces around the board, how do you eliminate them, how do use the exceptions to the dice rolls and so on.

As you practice more and more, you would be able to play the backgammon game effortlessly and even work out strategies to win the game. Until you reach that stage it is better to practice playing backgammon both online and offline. When you play with the computer you need to concentrate very keenly as it almost anticipates your moves. This is the best way to learn the online backgammon game as you get to lay aggressively to win against the computer.