Real Time Gaming is a rather interesting case when looking at the online casino industry simply for the reason that it is hard to place them into one group or another. Typically, when a person is taking a look at the history and reputations of online casinos, they right away are able to place casinos into the trustworthy and untrustworthy categories, but we might forgive a person if they are not able to do this with the Real Time Gaming casino. This is because of the fact that RTG was a terrible casino when it opened up and through incompetence and a lack of understanding ended up marring their name. They have recently really gotten it together however and in spite of their previous reputation, they have a lot going for them at the present moment in time. (Read More)
Have you heard of online flash casinos? Anyone who has tried to gamble online would have heard about it. This is because the moment you access any online casino, you would find that you are offered two variations for playing - one is to download the casino games and play which is preferred by most people who have hi-speed Internet connections, and the other is the flash games which are usually preferred by those who have lower speed Internet. (Read More)

Online gamblers prefer online casinos to land based casinos mainly due to the tremendous convenience. In the past few years the gap between the two types of casinos has closed so much that not only are all the land based games available online, but new games have sprung up as well.

It is hard to tell which online casinos are good and which are the ones that will close down without warning and keep your money. Furthermore, a casino is sometimes privy to some of your personal information such as your credit card details. You have to make sure that you open an account at a reputable casino to avoid being disappointed. There are several things that you can do before opening an account which will help you immeasurably. (Read More)

Post-flop strategies, like most of the other strategy points you are likely to encounter and analyze in the game of Texas Hold ?Em, is a very complex thing. The further you get away from the pre-flop area of the game, the more combinations exist and therefore the harder it is for you to play well. In a game of incomplete information and constantly changing variables, post-flop strategy is rather difficult to get down perfectly. However, the basic post-flop strategy is quite easy to understand and implement and it is listed below. (Read More)

Playtech is one of the top casino software systems in the world. A vast majority of online casinos run their suite of software to manage their online casinos. To enter into the world of playtech we must travel back to 1999.

In 1999, Playtech was born. It took a grouping of core entrepreneurs from the software and multimedia industries to partner up and create this company. Solid minds from these fields and the casino industry help begin this fledgling little company. It was a slow start but a start nonetheless. (Read More)


For those playing at online casino locations, the issue of licensing is an important one. Players often find that the license acquired gives an idea of how the casino in question regards matters such as security and standards.

As all players probably know, it is easy enough to enter an online casino site and begin to play. However, the question is how is the best way to find out about the reliability of the relevant casino location? Gamers looking for a trustworthy and reliable online casino site will usually check out what kind of license and permits the particular online casino possesses. The matter of proper licensing appears to lend a feeling of authenticity and seems to imply an official operation. (Read More)

You have very likely already heard it under a number of different names. While some people might refer to it as a flash casino, others will call it the no download casino and still others will refer to it as the online casino, creating an ambiguous definition that just causes more confusion than it solves. However, the flash casino is one of the most important advancements to be made in online casino gaming in recent memory and that is because of all of the great things that can be associated with it. (Read More)
For gambling and gaming freaks, free online casinos provide a viable alternative to visiting casinos just for the sake of playing a game or two. Also, if to visit land-based casinos, one may have to shell out some money to take part in the games it offers. In other words, you can?t play games for fun, and at free of cost. After all, when there are people waiting to spend money to gamble, why the management should allow another person who wants to game for free? But, with free online casinos, there are no such issues. Anybody can access and play the games offered by the free online casino site. (Read More)
Playtech Cyprus Ltd. was founded in 1999 as an online gaming software provider. Playtech's online casino software is their main product. Playtech software is also used for a number of bingo rooms and poker rooms. Playtech was floated on the London Stock Exchange in 2006 and is therefore now publicly traded. They have a high standard to maintain for the shareholders and this only encourages even more improvements in their software. (Read More)