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Rushmore Casino is owned and operated by Isagro Holdings of Nicosia, Cyprus. It comes under Malta jurisdiction. It mission is to provide "Amazing gaming " Unbelievable Entertainment and Unrivalled Customer Service, which it most definitely does.

The lobby of Rushmore Casino is excellent. The black background adds elegance to the text and graphics. The animation of the roulette wheel stretches across the screen. The video scanning the bet laden table and zooming in on the spinning wheel with the ball finally settling in the "1 Red" slot is an invitation few will be able resist. There is not much information in the lobby; therefore the whopping $888 welcome bonus stands highlighted. Also prominent is the progressive jackpots ticker that continuously announces the current jackpot level for a variety of jackpot games such as It's Good to be Bad, Iris 3000, The Shark, Midlife Crisis and Crazy Dragon. But the site is easy to navigate and the required information is presented in an orderly manner. (Read More)

Click here to visit Rushmore Casino
BetCRIS Sportsbook

Winning at a sportsbook is a great feeling, but when you are able to go to a sportsbook and know from the moment you sign up for your account right to the moment you collect your money that you are going to have the full support of the sportsbook, that is certainly something rare to cherish. BetCRIS easily offers this experience with their wide range of services and that ultimately is why they are so popular amongst people that bet sports online.

BetCRIS Accepts US Players

There are 50 states within the country and in 39 of those states online gambling is legal. It is illegal in the other 11 states and this ultimately means that if you are a player from 39 of the 50 states within the country you are going to be allowed to play online at BetCRIS sportsbook.

BetCRIS Betting Lines

There are a number of lines available from the BetCRIS sportsbook and they regularly offers odds on football, baseball, soccer, tennis, boxing, Aussie rules football, martial arts, entertainment, basketball, ice hockey, motor racing, golf, rugby, cricket, politics and other assorted bets that do not fit into any of the above categories. Their politics section in particular is one that you will not find at a lot of other sportsbooks so if you are interested in betting on the outcome of the presidential elections upcoming in 2008 in the United States or even the primaries that are happening in a couple of weeks, then BetCRIS sportsbook is most certainly the place for you.

BetCRIS Bonus

The bonus that is available at BetCRIS is a 20% deposit bonus, although if you are not opposed to the idea of playing online poker you can also get a 100% bonus that once cleared can be transferred into your sportsbook account. Either way, the bonus that you can get is a decent amount of money, worth anywhere from $20 all the way to above $100 depending on the bonuses you go for and how much you choose to deposit.

BetCRIS Website

The website of BetCRIS might seem a bit difficult to navigate at first, but that is just because of the large amount of information that is available. The one thing to watch out for is the fact that horse racing is separate from the rest of the sportsbook and therefore if you want to bet on horses, you need to click on the racebook link rather than the sportsbook link. Aside from that, everything else about the website is satisfactory to the point of being commendable and since BetCRIS certainly takes pride in their work, this is exactly how they want it to be.

BetCRIS Support

The first line of support for BetCRIS, just like the first line of support for many other places, comes in the form of the FAQ documents that are displayed on the website. If, however, you are unable to get the information you want from these documents, then the next best thing to do is to make sure that you use the live chat featured located in the top right corner of their website to initiate direct conversation with a customer service representative.